Saturday, February 20, 2010

1990 - 2000 Phorgotten Phils with the least AB's

I always like to think about the obscure Phillies, so I went into the media guides from 1990-2000 and listed by year the guy who had the lowest official at bats.

1990 Louie Meadows
1991 Doug Lindsey
1992 Julio Peguero
1993 Joe Millette
1994 Tom Marsh
1995 Gary Bennett
1996 Howard Battle
1997 Danny Tartabull
1998 Rex Hudler
1999 Tom Prince
2000 Clemente Alvarez

Now there is a really funny story about Louie Meadows (yes I actually remember him). He was signed by the Phils as a free agent in July of 1990. The above baseball card which says Wes Chamberlain is actually the one and only Louie Meadows.Wes was acquired via a trade in August of 1990. It is the 1991 Topps card #603. They were apparently pulling a prank on the Topps photographer and it did not get caught until after the set came out. It was eventually corrected in the 1991 Topps Traded set as seen here.


  1. I was at Lindsey's MLB debut. Last game of the 1991 season against the Mets. He accounted for three of David Cone's 19 strikeouts that day

  2. Clemente Alvarez also spent some time as the Phillies bullpen catcher in the early 2000s

  3. I have that card and the corrected one. Miiiiiiike

  4. Danny Tartabull was a thief and a bum. Not as big a bum as Freddy Garcia but a bigger thief.