Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breaking News

Rod Barajas has signed a one-year deal with the Mets. Check bottle, battery, and other projectile inventory accordingly.


  1. This might prompt a post about J.D. Drew. You will be able to clear your name or finally come totally clean on your involvement in the battery incident. We could set it up as an interview. The first question will be were you in attendance the night it occurred?

  2. I don't recall why Barajas deserves the battery shower. But I can tell you this, I hate JD Drew to this day and always will.

  3. Barajas is deservinf because he sucked ass as a Phil and then hits two home runs in a game against us. Butcha, maybe not batteries, but possibly a sand filled plastic bottle!

  4. 2007 PHI 48 GP 122 AB 4HR 10RBI .230avg

    since vs Phils
    08/09 6 GP 4Hr 10RBI 10RBI .529 avg

    Fuck that Laser point and battery his ass!

  5. I was sitting in the 600 level in center field at the Vet on the night of the J.D. Drew battery incident. Despite rumors to the contrary, I did not mastermind nor participate in the throwing of batteries. The legend has grown over the past decade, however, so I just decided to roll with it and let it grow

    If any of the actual battery tossers are reading this, I apologize. I never took credit for your work, nor did I ever intend to be given credit for your work