Saturday, February 27, 2010

I always knew when the Spring had come

I always knew when the Spring had come
Could not wait to hear his voice
Now the airwaves are empty
And Wheels is my only choice

All I have are memories
Of a man I felt I knew
This spring won’t seem as sunny
The sky won’t be seem that blue

No more Summer nights
Of listening to his calls
“Number 500 for Michael Jack Schmidt!”
Or “Right down the middle for a ball.”

The Fall will seem a bit lonelier
Without Harry at the mic
But we will always have 80 and 08
When he called the last strike

I can still see him in the booth
With his heater and mug of beer
What I wouldn’t give
For just one more “It’s Outta Here!”


  1. this is fantastic! thanks for such a great post.

  2. That is great! It really describes Harry! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you. I really appreciate your comments.Pass on the post please!!

  4. Damn dude - this gave me the chills!! Awesome .

  5. Thanks Frank.That is some great actually evoke chills! I can honestly say that every game I have watched or listened to since he has passed I think of what he would say in a certain situation. This is the first Spring Training in my lifetime where he isn't a part of it and it makes me sad.

  6. This is really great man. You articulated an emotion millions of people are feeling right now. Thank you.

  7. (posted by "The Wizard of Waz")

    Worthy of print in any Phillies publication.........maybe put it on a plaque.

    Baseball announcers certainly connect with their hometown audience, and become family.

    It's sorrowful to have the voice silenced.....Just one more inning, and one more outta-here would have been enough.
    That voice, with its' western-movie style, deserved to walk into the sunset, with a salute.

    It's like losing anyone special to you....You can do the same things you used to do, but it's not the same. The first time you open a cold-one, turn on the radio, and the voice is different, you get reminded.

    Spring and baseball brings renewal, but something will be missing this March.