Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My name is Joey Ballgame

Since the name of this blog is Drunk Phils Fans I suppose I should try and give a little background on what makes me a qualified writer on the subjects.

I was given the nickname Joey Ballgame by a former manager when I worked at a music/movie/video game/useless product of the week store. I never really understood why I was given this nickname. Maybe it was because I had recently read Moneyball before I started working there and didn't shut up about it.

Having been born in the Year of Our Lord Ninteen Hundred Eighty Three I was part of a throng of Philadelphia-area natives who was never alive when our team won a championship. Thankfully that all came to an end two Octobers ago when Brad Lidge struck out Eric Hinske to win the 2008 World Series and end the "Curse of William Penn." 2008 also happened to be the year I was given the Sunday Game Plan as a birthday gift. Best gift ever? Best gift ever. So I've been following the Phillies for as long back as I can remember. From the end of Mike Schmidt's career to Rookie-of-the-Year Scott Rolen to the Rise of Ryan Howard I've been a Phillies fan.

My baseball career was a rather short one. I played in-house Little League ball for most of my childhood as well as two years of CYO baseball. That was it. High school ball made teenagers out of boys and I just didn't have the stuff for even trying out. I was a career outfielder having had one inning at third base and maybe even a whole game at first. I think I was in the outfield because that was where I could do the least damage. Which is odd because I had no arm strength. My only real fielding strengths were that I had a good eye for judging a fly ball as well as the ability to catch. At the plate I don't ever really remember being a superstar. I do remember getting a lot of walks which would probably make Billy Beane proud.

My drinking career is not as legendary as some other people. I've never been on a bender and rarely get drunk. Although when I do get drunk I am usually not noticeably drunk. However I do enjoy having a beer and socializing. I started out with the Miller Lites and Coors of the world and have ventured over to the Yards and Sierra Nevadas. I've even participated in brewing beer and we hope to one day be good enough at it to be able to actually have people pay for it.

For the most part I'll be writing a series called On the Road Load which will help you out with finding beer when following your Philadelphia Phillies on the road.

Cheers and Play Ball!,

Joey Ballgame


  1. I am not positive of how the Ballgame started..but I do know this. I loved when a game was over and Harry would say BALLGAME! I liked it even more when it was a walk-off HR or Hit for the Phils and as soon as the ball left the bat he would say BALLGAME!!!

  2. JB,
    Thanks for the intro, looking forward to reading your entries!