Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Logo with Beer Bottle....but which one?

So Joey Ballgame made three new logo possibilities..Comment on which one you like the most:
Logo #1
Logo #2

Logo #3


  1. I like the first bottle......BUT I like it as the "L", not the "i". It's as tall as the existing L, so I think it would be a great fit.
    (Maybe the dot in the "i" could be a little baseball??)

    ............and maybe some kind of Philly symbol could fit in the space on the upper-right.

    That way, it could all be represented......Baseball, Philly, and Loads.

  2. I would pick number 1. Maybe try what the first comment said as well.

  3. I liked 3 best then 1, but i like the dotting the i with a base ball