Monday, March 15, 2010

Did Chuck Klein have the best Single Season Ever?

I went back. Way back. 1932 to be exact and found that Phillies own Chuck Klein had a monster year. Just across the board huge in every offensive category. I then went to see if any player came close to having the same type of season. I came upon Larry Walker's 1997 stats while with Colorado. They are close folks. Very close. Now you can complain about Coors Field being an offensive ballpark and the pitching was watered down. I agree. I also need to point out that Klein's home, Baker Bowl, had a right field fence only 281 feet away. I am going to call the ballpark issue even.

How I determined the winner was 12 offensive stats  Here is how it panned out:
                  Runs     Hits   2B  3B  HR   RBI
Klein           152      226    50   15  38   137              
Walker        143      208    46    4   49   130

At the halfway point it is Klein who won 5 of the 6 categories. Now onto the last 6:
                 SB   K   BA   OBP   SLG   TB
Klein          20    49  .348  .404   .646  420
Walker       33   90   .366  .452   .720  409

After 12 categories, Klein took 7 out of a possible 12. So to answer the question..Yes. Chuck Klein had the best single season of any player ever.



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  1. Chuck's #'s don't lie...the pitchers in his era were better han Walker's also. Next to Schmidt...Chuck is the best hitter in the Phil's history.