Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Harry the K

Harry was everything that was right with the game of Baseball. Everybody admired Harry, everybody imitated Harry. As a kid, I spent countless summer nights pitching to my Dad and brother. I even received a few tips from a college pitcher out of Textile. I guess I just wanted to be the next Tyler Green. I always imagined Harry calling each pitch, "the 3-2 pitch....STRUCK EEEM out!" He had that effect on me. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him. After hearing and reading about the stories of people who have met Harry, it has to bring a smile to your face and it kind of makes you shake your head. HK impacted so many lives it is unbelievable.
Harry had the ability to make a meaningless game feel like the most important game of the season. No matter how bad things got for the Phils, somehow he stayed positive. his passion and love for the game was obvious. I will never forget a game where Mike Lieberthal hit a pinch hit walk off against the Pirates and HK went crazy. I believe it was in 99. Not exactly the Phillies best season, but that didn't matter to Harry. Random moments such as that made Harry a special part of the Phillies family.
I'm sad that Harry is gone, but we were all very lucky to hear his voice for so many years. It is hard to watch a game and not think about HK. I wanted to keep this short, everyone knows all the stories about Harry. We all have our memories, most recent his 2008 World Series clinching call. HK holds a special place in all of our hearts. I wanted to keep this short. No words can give HK enough credit. We miss ya Harry.

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