Monday, July 19, 2010

Citizens Bank Park is the Greatest Sports Bar in the World!

Citizens Bank Park is the Greatest Sports Bar in the World!

What makes a great sports bar? A bunch of TVs so you can see sports action. There is plenty of sports action at CBP. Great food? We all know there are many tasty delights at CBP, probably the best food selections in baseball. That's an article for another day. Since this is 'Drunk Phils Fans' the most important factor for a great sports bar should be beer selection and CBP delivers. Before you mistake this piece for investigative journalism just know I did all my research walking from section 112 to section 103. I made my an amazing discovery last Sunday will walking to my seat to see the Phightin' Phils take on the Reds. Heineken on tap! You heard me right, Heineken on tap. I loves me some Heineken. Most bars do not have Heineken on draught and as a Heineken lover I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I was blind, now I see! Amen! Total score. I decided to see if any 'Brewery Town' between section 112 and 103 also had it on draught. What I discovered was wide variety of beers that would make any watering hole proud. The beers I found are as follows, Flying Fish, Otter Creek, Pixland Pils, New Castle Brown Ale, Victory and Leinies Seasonal Summer Shady. That assortment can be had in a small section between center field and the right field foul pole.

Take a stroll around the park, there are really good beers available. You can get the old stand-bys in your seat I know, but quality beer is just a few steps away. It will also keep you in check since it's tough to walk back to your seat with one for your buddy if you're completely smashed. Think of it as a public service, you won't puke on a little girl or run on the field to get tasered. Drunk Phils Fans unite, we do not have to be slaves to the Coors Lite, Miller Lite, Bud Lite or God forbid Bud Lite Lime anymore. If you're a dude and you're drinking Bud Lite Lime you should hand in your Drunk Phils Fan t-shirt.

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  1. How much did those beers cost? Good info, i'll need to stroll around next game. also, I was at US Cellular field a few years back and they had vendors with slushy margarita backpacks. I am a beer drinker myself but I thought it was a cool idea, you know, for da bitches!