Thursday, August 19, 2010

Game Time!

After writing last week’s column, I was told by a faithful reader that I haven’t been very positive in my articles. But like my man, Treach, says, “Positive, well positive ain’t where I live.” Fortunately, I don’t live near West Hell or South Shit either, but The Phillies have taken over the Wild Card lead so it’s all fun and games this week.  Literally. This week’s ramblings will be my version of the $25,000 Pyramid. Phillies style.
Just in case you don’t remember or are unfamiliar with the game show, one contestant tries to give clues so another contestant can guess the category.  First, an example:
1.     The Mets
2.     The Phanatic
3.     A-Rod

A.    Things Jay Wrizight hates.
Ok so now that you get the idea we’ll get started.

#1        Mom’s minivan
            A Taxi
            Ryan Howard
#2        Duct Tape
            Wilson Valdez
#3        Independent politicians
            Non-control Pantyhose
            Cole Hamels
#4        A straw
            A vacuum
            Denys Baez
#5        Batteries
            A motor club (that offers roadside assistance)
Greg Dobbs
#6        The Produce stand
            Christina Hendricks
            Placido Polanco
#7        Your little toe
            The Mets efforts to finish above the Phillies
            Chris Wheeler
#8        Cole Hamels’ wife
            Domonic Brown’s arm
#9        Situations
            Jayson Werth
#10      Jessica Biel
            This summer
            Carlos Ruiz’s bat

Please send your answers to by 8/22/10 at midnight. First person with all 10 correct answers will win a DPF T-Shirt!

Thanks for playing and see ya at the ballpark.

Jay Wrizight


  1. 1)Things that take things for a ride.
    2)Things that keep things working
    4)Things that suck
    6)Things that have big melons
    7)Things that are short
    8)Things with cannons
    9)Things that are hairy
    10)Things that are hot

    I've got to think about the others

  2. #1 are things you can take to the bank.
    #2 are things every utility drawer must contain.
    #3 are things that get no run support.
    #4 are things that suck, though technically only Baez sucks. The others are sucking devices.
    #5 are Triple A all the way.
    #6 are things
    #7 are all useless.
    #8 are
    #9 are yes, hairy
    #10 are smoking hot!
    6 and 8 are driving me mad!!!