Sunday, August 15, 2010

KK Deals, The Mess Reel!

While I am in the afterglow of another Phillies victory over that sorry team known as the New York Mess here a few observations.

Joe Morgan says stupid things then something brilliant in the next breath. He talked about how Jose Reyes was safe on a steal attempt in the first inning for 4 innings. The throw from Chooch beat him. Most umpires will call a runner out if the throw beats them to the bag. You would think Joe would know this since he's a Hall of Fame Player. Just when I think he's a total moron he picks up on the fact that Jimmy Rollins is telling teammates in the dugout he's figured out Mike Pelfrey's move. That is something Wheels and T Mac wouldn't pick up. I didn't miss those clowns tonight.

When Jimmy Rollins is making things happen on the base paths the Phillies win. As JRoll goes so do the Phillies. It was nice to see him running full speed. When the Phillies steal bases they are tough to beat, just wish they would do it more often.

Jeff Francoeur's fly ball in the 7th inning would have killed someone if he hit it in Citizens Bank Park. The poor SOB standing in line at Tony Luke's would be a bloody mess, Roast Pork and Broccoli Rabe everywhere!

Not to beat up Joe Morgan again but I did take exception with something else he said. He said "The Phillies have a swagger, but the Mets are mild mannered". I agree the Phils have a swagger, they should, 2 time NL Champs and all. I take exception with the Mets being 'Mild Mannered'. Jose Reyes and Francisco Rodriguez have swagger out the ass for no reason. KRod has so much swagger he couldn't control it and bopped his Father-In-Law around. Sorry, I must correct myself, he bopped around his Baby Momma's Dad.

Phillies Fans rule! I could hear the 'CHOOOCH' chants clearly. I love how well the Phillies are represented on the road.

Keep It Classy Philly!


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