Monday, August 23, 2010

Phillies Broadcast Drinking Game

Let me start with a disclaimer, like Football Pools say this is 'For Amusement Purposes Only'. If you actually play this game by the book you may pass out by the 4th inning. Please proceed with caution.

Wheels says "Turn the line up over." Chug a beer.

Sarge explains an established vet like Tim Hudson, John Garland, etc. is a young guy trying to prove himself. Take a sip of Colt .45.

TMac tells a long boring story about a coach on the opposing team. Drink your beer for the duration of the story. You will probably need 3 beers.

Wheels gushes about an opposing player in the NL East, Ryan Zimmerman, Brian McCann, Jose Reyes, etc. We know Wheels, we see them 18 times a year. Do a shot.

Sarge mentions Willie Mays, Willie McCovy or Gary Maddox. Polish off the Colt .45.

TMac says 'Tried to get him to go fishing." Chug a beer.

Wheels says "No Doubles Defense." Do a shot of the strongest beverage available.

Sarge talks about BBQ. Have a Corona.

Wheels says "Gotta pay attention to this runner." Drink your beer until pitcher throws over.

TMac says "Blanton, Kendrick, etc. has settled in" after sucking. Do a shot.

Wheels when he talks about an older player says "At this point in his career." Chug an 'Old Milwaukee.'

Wheels complains about a call. Drink a glass of Pinot. Wine. Get it?

During an annoying WB Mason commercial do a shot of rubbing alcohol. It may make you blind, unfortunately it won't make you deaf. Thank God for the 'Mute' button.

Have fun with this people.

Keep it Classy Philly!



  1. the Clearwater commercials are way more annoying, WTF is up with that conquistador?

  2. Those Clearwater commercials are bad. I think the conquistador is represented since Spain settled Florida. Just dumb. When I hear 'I WANT MY W.B.' I could seriously choke a bitch!

  3. How about a shot every time someone is "safe and secure" at 2nd base. Damn that's annoying

  4. safe and secure is the most annoting thing since "He scored for a box of tastykakes" fuck in game commercials

  5. Another one I forgot was when Wheels says "Middle In". Very annoying.