Monday, September 6, 2010

Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

I know we have had a few articles about pet peeves at the ballpark but I have to say something. What is with fans touching balls in play? For what seems like the 100th time a moron tried to catch a ball in play tonight. The sad part is it was rolling on the ground and the guy (an adult with a glove) couldn't come up with it. An adult with a glove at the game is a violation but we will give him a pass since he was right on the rail in shallow left. Since it may be the first time at a ballgame for many of these knuckleheads maybe a review of umpire techniques for fair/foul calls is in order. If the 3rd or 1st base ump puts his hands straight up he is going to call it foul. If he points to fair ground he is calling it fair. Seems simple enough. The possible home run ball is more difficult to determine. Simple rule would be if you have to reach over the rail the ball is in play. Can we follow these easy rules people? If you really need a ball for your kid there are some ways to get one.

Batting Practice. Gates open in left field at 4:35 for 7:05 games. If you get their when the gate open the Phillies will be starting BP. Get against the rail with your kid and you should have a good chance of snagging a ball. My sons record for BP balls for one game is 5. The 'Adult with a glove' rule is waived for BP since Jayson Werth may kill you if you don't have a glove. Jayson Werth is a BP beast, it doesn't always carry over to the game. The next best way to get a ball is to get seats near the ball girl. Go to a game when Kyle Kendrick is pitching, she will get the balls fans throw back when the opposition hits their bombs and she will hand it to a kid in her section.

The lazy method is to buy one in the Majestic store. They are $14 and they come in a case.

We have shown in the last few years we are some great fans with all the sellouts and road support, lets show we can let balls in play stay in play.

Keep it Classy Philly!


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