Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ramble On

I'm still recovering from last nights load so this rant could go anywhere. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. First things first, all is not lost, this series is going to be a classic, maybe seven games. The Giants are not the Reds, they aren't going to throw up on themselves. The Phillies will still come out on top. Last night at CBP you would of thought the Phillies were eliminated. If the Phillies are anything they are resilient, they will be fine. I saw good and bad from the crowd last night, let me ramble.

The good, the whistling at Tim Lincecum was classic. I know Ron Duguay is somewhere in Canada smiling. Every time that fruit loop touched the puck in the Spectrum he got the same treatment. Nice job people, that's an Oldie but Goodie. Loved it.

Not much went right for the Phillies last night and not much went right in the stands. I have 2 plans for the Phillies, meaning I go to 25-30 games a season. The best part about sitting in the same seats is I know pretty much all the people around me. During the week I sit in front of Frank and Ilene, I don't know there last names and don't need to. Frank was originally for the New York area but don't hold that against him. He knows baseball and I look forward to discussing the game with him because he knows the game. On Sunday, Brad and the Allentown boys sit in front of us, they have been there for 5 or so years now. They show up about 3 batters in and we give them a hard time. They all know the game. Playoff time you get thrown to a section where it seems like everyone is attending their first game ever. Last night I heard "I thought Pat Burrell was on the Phillies?" Also a guy said "Sit on it" like a million times during the game. I thought I was sitting in front of Potsie from Happy Days. Another guy got crushed for standing up, in a playoff game. WTF! It's a playoff game, if you want to sit on your hands stay home.

I know they have to shuffle the deck for the playoffs. I'm not asking for pocket Ace's Phillies, just don't give me a 7-2 offsuit section.

Keep it Classy Philly!


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  1. Guy who got yelled at for standing, "Its just not any game. Its the fucking NLCS." (mad props to him) I was expecting to hear "whats that?"