Saturday, November 13, 2010

George Brett: A Perfect A-Hole

For those of you who have moved onto other sports, there is still plenty of good baseball programming on the MLBNetwork. Now I'm not one to endorse something without getting paid however, the MLBNetwork is the best thing to happen to TV since color (more on that later) and TiVo. On Friday, Inside Studio 42 with Bob Costas, had it's season premiere. Now, I love me some Bob Costas. He's intelligent without being condescending. He asks questions that I would ask. He's smooth. His voice doesn't irritate me. He's still hot as he's aging. My only problem with him is the hair dye. Yeah, I get it, he's on TV and needs to look good. But I prefer a manly man. Hell, I've never dyed my hair so why would I like a guy who does? For the record, I do not have any gray hair and I'm over 40. Then again, I don't have children or keep men around longer than their expiration date.

Hall of Famer, George Brett of the Kansas City Royals, was this week's guest. The current Royals may be the worst team in the American League but back in Brett's day, they were quite successful. They were the American League's mirror image of the Phillies. Both teams were in the playoffs in 1976, 1977, 1978. They both failed to reach the postseason in 1979, but faced each other in the 1980 World Series.  The third basemen of both teams won the MVP in their respective leagues. While I reminisce about both of these Hall of Fame third baseman, I can't stop thinking about their asses.

Mike Schmidt might have had THE best ass in all of MLB!  It wasn't flat. It wasn't bony. It wasn't too fat. It was a perfect bubble butt. For a white guy, he had a sweet ass. That's the only way that I can think to describe it. Check out his statue at the third base entrance at CBP for a quick reminder of his sweet seat.

George Brett discusses his ass with Bob Costas. During the 1980 World Series, Brett developed hemorrhoids while in Philadelphia. I have some inside scoop in the medical community. During the World Series this year, a doctor friend of mine told me a story about these famous hemorrhoids. A colleague of his was the first doctor to examine Brett. As an avid Phillies fan, he was not about to let this ass stand in the way of the Phillies first World Championship. The good doctor told his patient to soak the area and treat it with Preparation H. Brett and the Royals got a second opinion from a doctor who didn't know who he was and treated him with a more aggressive approach...he got snipped.

It's a great interview and Brett freely discusses this topic with genuine humor. The following spring, Brett had them surgically removed. The surgeon told him that he now has a perfect a-hole.

The last two segments, Brett is joined by fellow Hall of Famer Goose Gossage. I thoroughly enjoyed this program and think that most fans will, whether they are reminiscing or learning of this era for the first time. The MLB Network will show this again on Monday, November 15th at 1pm and 4pm, so set your DVRs.

Next Friday, Bob's guests will be Hall of Famers Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn.  

Katie Casey


  1. You lost me when you started to write about Mike Schmidt's ass.