Monday, November 1, 2010

Phillies Suggestion Box

My depression is finally lifting. The loss to an inferior Giants team was tough to take. The Fightin' Phils were set up to win their third World Series and second in three years. I guess that's baseball, the best team doesn't always win. Now a bunch of so called fans want to break up this team. Trade this guy, trade that guy. The clamoring for Cliff Lee is starting again. I have seen some crazy threads all over Face Book, here are some of the wackiest. "Give some of Ryan Howard's money to Jayson Werth." I think the 'Big Piece' might have something to say about that, let alone the players union. "Trade Ryan Howard for Cliff Lee." Another nugget of wisdom, if the Phils want Cliff Lee all they have to do is pay him since he's a free agent. The idiotic comments go on and on. The bright side is Ruben Amaro isn't going to listen to any of these hair brained schemes. The Phillies have come a long way since the days that Bill Giles referred to them as a small market team. I have faith that they will make the right moves in the off season and field another championship caliber team next year. Although it's a good thing the organization turns a blind eye to the fans when it comes to personnel decisions, they may listen to other suggestions concerning the experience at Citizens Bank Park. Let me elaborate.

Security needs to lighten up. During game 6 I saw a guy in front of me get hassled for cheering too loud. Are you kidding me? The Phils were playing for their playoff lives, you would think they would want it as loud as possible. The guy wasn't cursing, just trying to fire people up. Someone in the section had to complain. If you want to sit on your hands stay home during the playoffs, it's going to be wild and loud. If you want a quiet night at the park go to a Nationals game when they aren't playing the Phillies.

Who is in charge of the 'Jumbo Tron'? They must program it in the beginning of the year and forget about it. Same lame trivia questions. If you go to 5 games a year you will know the answers. 'Flex Cam'? 'Citizens Seven'? If you ever see someone rip off the cheap T Shirt and throw down the crappy bag they hand out that's me. Freshen the between innings distractions, they need it.

I know my next idea my be blasphemy but it needs to be done. It's time for the Phanatic to retire. Give him a huge party and send him back to the Galapagos Islands. He had the worst playoffs of anybody. His game 1 skit was the ump is a cheerleader in disguise. Never saw that one before. His act is so tired. The game 6 'Phanatic Dance' was the worst one ever, and that's saying something. He had a Michael Jackson impersonator who was a worse dancer than me. And I'm the guy who hangs by the bar at weddings and gets a load on. It was truly sad. So let's say thanks to the Phanatic and say goodbye. It's time.

Keep it Classy Philly!



  1. Jay Wrizight has converted his first disciple!
    BTW you forgot to mentioned how they they played Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" to fire up the Phillies crowd. Can't wait untul the Bo Sox come to town to hear "Sweet Caroline"

  2. You are so right Jay Wrizight! That's the next piece. Stealing other teams songs, traditions, like throwing opposing teams HR balls back.

  3. I was all for strapping the Phanatic to a column at Veterans Stadium when they blew it up.