Friday, December 10, 2010

Top 9 Reasons J-Dub WASN’T overpaid

9. He is a World Fucking Champion.

8. Unlike most mega paid played players, the Nationals won’t have to pay hefty extra baggage fees toting around all his individual player awards.

7. He can play all 3 OF positions. Unfortunately for Washington he can only play one at a time.

6.  The Mets were going to pay him a similar salary but more if he announced he’s actually Hispanic. But then they inexplicably fired Omar Minaya.

5. He will make Bryce Harper feel more at ease since neither one shaves.

4.  The Nationals hope to recoup most of his salary with “My BF plays RF” merchandise.

3. When he is washed up in 3 years, he will continue to earn his salary by carrying Steven Strasburg’s jock.

2. The Nationals are pissed at Ryan Zimmerman’s poor defensive play down the stretch, so they want to stick it to him by letting Jay Werth stick it to his wife a la Jen Utley.

1. They paid him one million for each point of his batting average with RISP.

See ya at the winter meetings!

Jay Wrizight


  1. After I read the SI article on him I liked him less. He said nothing, it was a total non story. Absolutely Zero personality! But chicks dig him, I don't get it. So 'unclutch' last year it was sad.

  2. F@&k Yeah! RIP j-dub!

  3. Jay-loved taht post. It will be interesting to see if J-Dub becomes Werthless again.

  4. Sorry I meant that post in my last comment! Did anyone else see the interview on MLB Network? He sure did not look like someone who was happy about a huge new contract.

  5. Phsssst......Werth who? I have Cliff Lee, bitches!!!!! We do not even need a right fielder now.....leave the pocket open, it may make the games fun. No-hitter after no-hitter can get boring.