Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun with Numbers

It's the first full week of the new year and I am already screwing up the year on my documents. The first day looked pretty cool, 1-1-11. It'll look even better the second week in November, 11-11-11, when we're all accustomed to the year. This got me thinking about numbers. Below are some numerals for your entertainment. Please post in the comment section what the significance of the numbers mean. They are mostly dealing with the Phillies but some aren't, although they are baseball related. Be creative. Let's have some fun. I will post a response next week.















They are some crazy numbers. Let's see what kind of crazy shit you can come up with.

Katie Casey
42 28 36..............................................................NOT!


  1. 1 - Whitey, now & always, 39 - Brett 'I didn't punch my wife' Myers, 45 - Tug, 97 - Phillies baseball's best win total in 10', 101 - # of wins for 2011 Fighin' Phils, 128 - # of wins most bandwagon jumpers would be happy with?, 420 - I thought this was Drunk Phils Fans not High Phils Fans, 548 - Michael Jack Schmidt, 778 - the # of steroid induced HR's ARod will end up with, 2413 - you got me, 2744 - Ryan Howard's career strikeout total?, 8008 - I just choked up a little, 2 best years of my life!, 358538 - The year Jamie Moyer offically retires?

  2. 358538 sperms wasted by pee-wee herman at the movie theater

  3. 1 Whitey or number of quality posts by DB29 last season

    39 OF putouts by Roy Oswalt last season

    45 better sportscater than reliever

    97 phillies win total in 2010

    101 most Phillies wins in a season

    128 times in 2010 Cliff cried himself to sleep wishing he was back in philadelphia

    420 what Shane does wile listening to Marley

    548 MJS Hrs

    778 plate appearences by JRoll in 07 a MLB record

    2413 times Jorge Posada visted the mound last year

    2744 Times Wheels said No Doubles Defense last season

    3000 Clementes lifetime hit total

    8008 WFC

    358538 "Adult" beverages BL Chris will consume in 2011

  4. 1-Richie Ashburn, 39-Wife beater, 45-Tugger, 97-# of wins in 2010, 101-# of times Matt Garza spits per inning, 128-number of wins I would like the Phils to have in 2011, 420-time to light a doobie, 548-If you put a decimal after the 5 you have Danys Baez's ERA for 2010, 778-number of times Ryan Howard probably said FUCK during the 2010 season, 2413-# of hairs in JDUBS beard, 2744-# of Dodgers fans that actually stay till the end of a game, 8008-WS titles, 358538-the number of times I wished HK were still with us during the 2010 season

  5. Sorry-I missed a number. 3000 The number of Nats fans on average at Nationals Park per game in 2010 BEFORE Strasburg

  6. 420 should be Rich Dubee's uniform number

  7. LOL Jay. That would be funny. Guess he doesn't partake.