Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We got a Swimming Pool for Cliffmas

It's a New Year but some things never change. The Eagles ripped our hearts out yet again. The Dog Killer threw a season ending pick to bite Eagles fans in the ass. Bite Eagles fans in the ass...See what I did there? If you didn't know it was coming you must be new to this town. Every fall the Birds get everyone pumped up for a possible Super Bowl victory, they never get it done. Jaworski, Cunningham, McNabb or Dog Killer, it doesn't matter, the result is the same. Time to turn our attention to the Fightin' Phils.

We got Cliff Lee a few days before Christmas. It is still sinking in. The Phillies now have 4 aces. BL Chris could be their 5th starter and they should still win 100 games. The only downside to reacquiring Cliff Lee is it's like getting a swimming pool for Christmas. We need to wait till spring to really enjoy it. Since there are 33 days left till pitchers and catchers report I would like to list my New Year wishes to the best team in baseball.

1. Any injury free year for JRoll, Utley and Howard. The Phils found a way to win 97 games last year with Wilson Valdez playing a ton of games. If Jimmy, Utley and Howard get back to their previous form who knows how many games they can win.

2. A 'drop the hammer' curve ball for Cole Hamels. Cole had a great bounce back year, the fact that he added a cutter to an amazing changeup seemed to take him to the next level. If he can find a way to add a superior curve he could be the best pitcher on the staff not named Halladay.

3. Ben Francisco shocks the world. Maybe Ben can get the job done. He did hit 15 bombs the year before he arrived in Philly. Maybe we won't miss the bearded cat that used to play right. I know I won't miss the females yelling stupid shit to Mr. Werth. Sweetheart, if I think your a '3' you probably don't have a shot with JDub.

4. The bullpen has a great year. I know the consensus is the bullpen will only be needed every 5th day. Nothing could be further from the truth. The starters will go deeper, no doubt but they are not going to throw a complete game every time out. We have the same suspects that we had the last few years, lets hope they all have a good year at the same time.

5. Lets hope Charlie keeps it simple. Whatever Charlie has been doing the last few years is working. Charlie will never be mistaken for a world class orator but the man knows baseball. Keep it simple Chuck, don't mess with a good thing.

If any one of these wishes comes true the Phillies win 100 games. That should be good enough to win the National League East by 12 games.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. I hear ya about J Dub. I just don't get it. Some of my bff's are still devastated about his departure. Go figure?

    As far as the swimming pool goes, I once got a bike for Christmas, even though I didn't ask for one, and it snowed until April that year.

    My wish is to actually see Cliff Lee pitch. I have a 17 game plan and during his brief stint here I never got to see him pitch, not even in the post season!

  2. I feel you Katie, I also have a 17 game plan & last year it felt like I saw every KK & Blanton start. I did get to see Oswalt play left field, so that was cool.

  3. Jayson Werth won a contest on the NBC website last year OVER Cole Hamels for the best looking Phillie. I guess not too many people visit the eye doctor these days. I saw nothing cute about JDUB. Maybe a group of homeless women were the only ones voting in that contest. He sure looked like a homeless guy to me last season.

    BTW one year I got a sled for Christmas and it didn't snow all freaking winter!