Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wriz’s Rocking 2011

To tell you the truth, I’ve never really care for New Years. To me it’s always been a let down. I can drink anytime I want. I don’t need a reason and I don’t need to be around the amateurs who act the fool St Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and the night before Thanksgiving. I don’t like the Mummers and I don’t feel the need to make resolutions that won’t make it into February. I think Dick Clark needs a friend to set him straight so he can keep his dignity. The one thing I actually do like about New Years is those “In and Out” lists. You know the ones that tell you what you’re SUPPOSED to like. And what’s not cool anymore. So, obviously, the Wriz compiled a baseball relevant list for 2011. 
Out                                              In
Greedy 1st Base Coaches            Ex O’s managers .
                                                   coaching the bases

H2O                                             R2C2

Off-season Beards                         Hunting season

Swagger                                        I’ll let you know after
                                                     J-Roll tells me

Potent offense                                Dominating rotations

Walk-up ticket purchases               StubHub raping you

Season Tickets                                Waiting Lists

Every other blog                               Drunk Phils Fans

JC Romero                                       Dennys Reyes

Dennys Reyes                                    JC Romero

Penny pinching owners                      Eight dollar beers (?)

Bill Conlin                                          Jay Wrizight

The Wriz knows these things. I was going to put Mark McGwire out and my boy, Bert, in, but I didn’t want to jinx the man.

See ya on a cool holiday, like Groundhog’s Day.

Jay Wrizight


  1. Men's socks

    Wearing your girlfriends striped socks

  2. Let me add another. Out...Opening Day tickets for Partial plan holders. In...Stupid lottery. I hope the Phillies realize they are ticking off fans that supported them before 2008. They should realize who will be buying tickets when they suck again.

  3. They are OFFICIAL Phillies socks. Show a little respect.

  4. They also sell official Pink jerseys and hats. Will you buy those too?

  5. Buy? No, I will just "borrow" your girlfriends the next time she stays over.

  6. You must have "borrowed" that Miller Lite from her too since you apparently enjoy girl beer.

  7. Nah, I just took that shit from her fridge. She said you wouldn't miss it since you just picked up a case of Zima and a four pack of spritzers.