Friday, February 4, 2011

Franchise speaks on his heritage and baseball

Yea that’s right, it is Franchise Friday. The Franchise will not disappoint his loyal fans and haters! There is no denying I am Italian, so I wanted to honor my heritage by breaking down the best Italians at each position. I am sure BL Chris will want an all Irish/Polish team, DB29 will want an all homosexual team, and The Wriz will want an all Dick team (Dick Pole, Dick Ruthven, etc). So here are the best Eye-talians because the Franchise said so:

C- Berra/Piazza
1B-- Giambi
2B-- Biggio

SS-- Rizutto
OF--J. DiMaggio, Conigliaro, Piniella
SP-- Maglie, Mussina, Zito, Viola,Cicotte
RP-- Franco, Righetti

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Boom Boom Pow!

The Franchise


  1. Sweetie, Hate to bring ya down, but Sweet Lou ain't no dago. He's of Spanish descent. Being as old as I am, I remember learning this in the late 70s, when he played for the Yankees.

  2. I wasn't feeling the Boom Boom Pow! this week Franchise. Just sayin'

  3. Last 3 major international competitions: Italy finished 10th in the 06 and 09 WBC and failed to qualify for the 08 Olympics. You have alot to be proud of.

  4. He can be proud of his Jersey Shore idols. Idiots just like him.

  5. Easy FranCheesey. Why the hating on the Wriz? I didn't even point out the fact that you blasted my over-abundance of top 9 lists. Yet on your first 2 pieces went with back to back line-up blogs. C'mon now I know your family has been IN a few line-ups but thats rediculous.

  6. hey jackass how did Ireland or England do in the WBC?? or germany or any other European country. at least Italy fields a team

  7. The Netherlands finished 7th. They beat the pre-tournament favorite from the Dominican Republic two times. Ya big fucking dummy! You must be sicilian because we all know how they were spawned.