Monday, February 7, 2011

Phillies Hate Season Ticket Holders

 Here is the email from me to the Phillies and then the Phillies to me:

Good Afternoon Bill,
I was hoping you could be a bit more transparent as to how this process for the postseason will work. Is it lottery for partial season ticket holders? Is it by plan? By years invested in season tickets? By how fast you pay for the playoff tickets? I realize it is February, but I was unbelievably disappointed when the 2010 postseason tickets came in. I did get to see a NLDS game, but no NLCS because I had Game 7. I was even more aggravated when a friend and partial season ticket holder (2010 was his first year) got to go to a guaranteed game of the NLCS and I got left out. I understand supply and demand and the need to cut from 3 guaranteed games to 2. I do not understand how the process will work for those two games. I look forward to your response, albeit I expect a canned response that uses double talk and the all too popular "We do not know yet" response from Phillies brass. Just be honest.

2011 Season Ticket Holder "Benefits"

Full Season Ticket Holders may purchase tickets in their regular season location for all potential postseason home games.
Partial Season Ticket Holders will have the opportunity to purchase a minimum of two potential* postseason home games. The Phillies will determine the specific postseason games assigned and the specific series assigned. The World Series is not guaranteed to be part of any potential postseason ticket offer to Partial Season Ticket Holders. All postseason ticket locations will be determined by the Phillies and will differ from regular season seat locations.
* Potential postseason home games include Division Series Game 5, LCS Games 6&7, and World Series Games 6&7.


Thank you for your email.  It is too far out to tell exactly how tickets will be allocated for the 2011 post season.  Each year differs but tenure as a season ticket holder does come into play.  Because of the number of games offered we do have to allocate games to some plans/accounts that may not have a chance of happening.  Yes you did receive NLCS Home Game 4 which would have been Game 7 and was not played where your friend a first year ticket holder received either NLCS Home Game 1 or 2.  What your friend didn't receive with the original postseason offer and you did was a NLDS game.  An NLDS game has a greater chance of happening than an NLCS game and it was our decision to ensure longer tenured ticket holders a game that had the best chance of happening so in this case a NLDS Home Game 1 or 2 has a greater chance of happening than a NLCS Home Game 1 or 2. 

All decision be it for regular season or post there is great thought and debate behind.  Please know that although at times it may not seem fair that our main goal is for all fans especially season ticket holders to be happy.  We know at times that cannot be accomplished but we do not let that interfere with our trying.

Bill Wilson
Manager, Sales Operations


  1. Did you intend to phone it in? His answer made sense to me... No phony answers.

  2. I would bet that StubHub gets MANY tickets from the Phillies that season ticket holders no longer are able to purchase. Seems that the teams are now in bed with StubHub.

  3. The NLDS has a "better chance of happening" arguement is more than a little weak. I would like to see some sort of full disclosure of how postseason tickets are dispersed even if it is when playoff invoices are mailed.

  4. As much as they say seniority doesn't play into it, it does. I have a 17 game plan since CBP has opened & last year was the first year I got a game that wasn't played, (Game 5 NLDS). I had WS tickets, many new plan people (Less than 2 years) did not get WS tickets. I don't care about the stinking NLDS, I want rings baby!

  5. What? No Franchise? Thank god that guy is a tool! Hope he stays off this board.