Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chasing down some bobbleheads

(If it weren't for the "Roy Oswalt" you wouldn't know who that is)

As a Sunday Game Plan ticket-holder you end up attending a lot of giveaway games. The majority of these giveaway games are for kids 14 and under. The exceptions are Mother's Day and Father's Day. That being said it's not like I have the tickets to get "free" stuff. But we all like to get presents. And after looking into buying some face value tickets for the Roy Oswalt bobblehead night and seeing that you couldn't get an individual ticket for that game I looked at other clubs and what they were offering. There is some really cool bobbleheads to be had out there in Major League Baseball this year. So much so that you could make a road trip out of it. Below I've complied a list with dates, cities and the bobblehead given away on that day. I've made it in accordance of ease of travel as well as cool-ness of the bobblehead itself. There are many clubs giving out multiple bobbleheads this year so attending all events is impossible. (June 12 has three clubs with giveaways that day) So ladies and gentlemen here we go!

  • April 3rd Toronto Jose Bautista

  • April 8th NY Mets Mr. Met (to be used for voodoo although one wonders if the Mets aren't already being subjected to it. It is also down right creepy)

  • April 10 Houston Michael Bourn (this one features the center fielder who was traded for Brad Lidge showing off his gold glove award)

  • April 24 Milwaukee John Axford (St Louis also has a Stan Musial giveaway this day but you can't argue with Axford's moustache)

  • April 30 Chicago Frank Thomas (this would have been your favorite bobblehead in 1995)

  • May 6 Seattle Ichiro (this is one of the more inventive selections this year as there is a counter included on the base so you can track Ichiro's hit total in real time)

  • May 14 Houston Chris Johnson (here we are back in Houston. Not only is Chris Johnson taking his stance with a pink bat and wrist bands but it is also "Wine and Cheese night" for all you classy fans out there)

  • May 22 Milwaukee Casey McGeehee

  • May 24 LA Angels Kendry Morales (choice of two bobbleheads. choose wisely)

  • June 1 LA Dodgers Don Mattingly (Donnie Baseball!)

  • June 4 San Franciso Cody Ross (burn this one at Frankford and Cottman)

  • June 12 Milwaukee Zack Grienke (careful this one is fragile)

  • June 25 Baltimore Buck Showalter (recreate that scene from Seinfeld!)

  • July 10 Milwaukee Sausage Hot Dog Racing Sausage (best giveaway ever?)

  • July 17 Oakland MC Hammer (nope, this is the best ever)

  • July 26 LA Dodgers Fernandomania (thats all it says!)

  • July 30 D.C. Jayson Werth (don't get this one too close to that Cliff Lee bobblehad)

  • August 4 Chicago WS Beer Vendor (if they can get a beer vendor we need the Cotton Candy Guy)

  • August 5 Minnesota Kent Hrbek/Ron Gant (action poses!)

  • August 13 Cleveland Mike Hargrove (described as "Human Rain Delay". You'll probably have to wait a bit for this one)

  • August 18 LA Angels Gnome (seriously?)

  • August 27 San Fran Tim Lincecum (no joke required)

  • September 3 KC Joakim Soria (Sure to not be on the team within 2-3 years)

  • September 10 DC Fan's Choice (perhaps they'll choose better management?)

So there you have it. If you plan to travel this map please do not submitt your mileage to Drunk Phils Fans as we will not reimburse you. A lot of great ones in Milwaukee so you could just spend your time there all year. They have good beer. It's also probably just cheaper to buy them all off of ebay.


  1. Here is an even larger list of bobbleheads.

    3-Apr Toronto Jose Bautista
    8-Apr NY Mets Mr. Met
    9-Apr Seattle Felix Hernandez
    10-Apr Houston Michael Bourn
    12-Apr Chicago Frank Thomas
    24-Apr Milwaukee John Axford
    24-Apr St Louis Stan Musial
    28-Apr Houston Hunter Pence
    29-Apr Chicago Frank Thomas
    30-Apr Oakland Rickey Henderson
    6-May Seattle Ichiro
    7-May San Diego Bud Black
    14-May Houston Chris Johnson
    17-May LA Dodgers Clayton Kershaw
    21-May Pittsburgh Neil Walker
    22-May Milwaukee Casey McGeehee
    24-May LA Angels Morales
    24-May Philadelphia Roy Oswalt
    29-May Tampa Bay Manny Ramirez
    1-Jun LA Dodgers Don Mattingly
    4-Jun Kansas City Willie Willson
    4-Jun San Francisco Cody Ross
    12-Jun Chicago Roger Brossard
    12-Jun Milwaukee Zack Greinke
    12-Jun Pittsburgh Pirate Parrot
    14-Jun LA Dodgers Hong-Chih Kuo
    19-Jun Tampa Bay BJ Upton
    25-Jun Baltimore Buck Showalter
    25-Jun San Francisco Aubrey Huff
    7-Jul LA Dodgers Andre Ethier
    10-Jul Milwaukee Sausage Hot Dog Racing Sausage
    17-Jul Oakland MC Hammer
    17-Jul Tampa Bay Johnny Damon
    19-Jul NY Mets Ike Davis
    26-Jul LA Dodgers Fernandomania
    30-Jul Milwaukee Miller Lite Beer Vendor
    30-Jul Washington Jayson Werth
    4-Aug Chicago beer vendor bobblehead
    5-Aug Minnesota Kent Hrbek/Ron Gant
    6-Aug Baltimore Brian Matusz
    13-Aug Cleveland Mike Hargrove
    13-Aug Oakland Ray Fosse
    18-Aug LA Angels gnome
    20-Aug Washington Ian Desmond
    27-Aug San Francisco Tim Lincecum
    3-Sep Kansas City Joakim Soria
    10-Sep Washington Fan's Choice

  2. Great job! FYI: for a minor league road trip, the Iron Pigs are giving away Harry Kalas bobbles to the first 3000 adults on Monday, May 16th. I already have my tix. :-)

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