Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Always Knew When The Spring Had Come

In honor of Harry Kalas and a few days before the Spring Equinox, please enjoy a poem I wrote a year ago:
I always knew when the Spring had come
Could not wait to hear his voice
Now the airwaves are empty
And Wheels is my only choice

All I have are memories
Of a man I felt I knew
This spring won’t seem as sunny
The sky won’t be seem that blue

No more Summer nights
Of listening to his calls
“Number 500 for Michael Jack Schmidt!”
Or “Right down the middle for a ball.”

The Fall will seem a bit lonelier
Without Harry at the mic
But we will always have 80 and 08
When he called the last strike

I can still see him in the booth
With his heater and mug of beer
What I wouldn’t give
For just one more “It’s Outta Here!”


  1. Great job Chris! LETS GO PHILLIES!

  2. Still brings tears to my eyes! Beautiful! Just Beautiful!!! I love it!!!