Monday, October 10, 2011

Game 5

Section 330 was very angry Friday night. Young boozed up men in row 5 screamed louder as the game went on. The deeper into the game we went you could hear their voices becoming hoarse their throats becoming sore. A group of women, old enough to be your mother, let loose a barrage of obscenities that almost makes you want to tell them to act like adults. Fans yell and scream in the direction of home plate trying to will the players into scoring a run, getting a hit or just plain getting on base.

Then the final out came.

Some people yell some more. A plastic beer bottle gets launched into the seats below letting loose a tail of leftover beer as it sails downward. Some fans just stand there shocked while contemplating how this could have happened.

People respond to the same situation in different ways. Some extreme. Some are calm. But no matter how you react you cannot change the events that have taken place just beforehand. We can only learn from what was and hope for a better outcome in the future.

I myself was depressed making the long walk from the 300 level town the ramp and out of the stadium. But before I could even make it off the Phillies property something calmed me down. A father was walking with his son. This boy was maybe 4 or 5 years old. He said innocently to his father "The Phillies lost right dad?" You hear in his dad's voice that he was upset with the results as he responded to his son with an exasperated "The Phillies lost."

That exchange calmed me. It reminded me that baseball is just a kid's game and it is silly to get so worked up over something you can't control.

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  1. Well put. No sense sitting around being depressed all winter, you just have to move on. I think having a kid kind of changed my perspective on stuff like that. I used to carry it with me for a while, but now I can just let it go no matter how disappointed I am with the outcome