Monday, September 10, 2012

Sooooo you’re telling me there’s a chance?!?!?!

There hasn’t been much to get excited about during the 2012 Phillies season, but somehow here we are, 6 games back in the Wild Card with 22 to play. Despite most of this season being nearly unbearable, the Phils have turned it around as of late and after a sweep of the Rockies over the weekend, they are in the midst of a playoff race that no one expected a few months ago. Looking at the home stretch of the season, they might realistically have a shot too.

The rest of the season is not that scary, it includes 6 games against the Marlins, 3 against the Mets and 4 against the Astros. Not too bad. It does however include 3 against the Braves and 6 against the division leading (still feels weird to say that) Nationals. Although, the Phils have seemed to play well against both those teams lately.

The toughest part about making this historic run a reality is that there are currently 6 teams battling for the last wild card spot, all within 6.5 games of each other. The good news is that nearly all of those teams, minus the Phillies and Brewers have not been playing great lately. In the past 10 games theses teams are: PHI 8-2, MIL 7-3, ARI 5-5, STL 4-6, LAD 4-6 and PIT 3-7.

Along with the fact that these teams have not been playing well, the Phillies also probably have the biggest advantage in their remaining schedules. The Cards and Dodgers still have a series against each other, St. Louis also has a series against Cincinnati and Washington left and LA still has to play Arizona, St. Louis, Washington, Cincinnati and San Francisco (yikes). The only other team ahead of the Phillies, Pittsburgh, who is sinking fast, has to play Cincinnati twice, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

Obviously the Phils need to keep playing great baseball and get some help for this magic to happen, but the way the schedule plays out definitely helps the Fightin’s. I’m not saying its going to happen, just saying I’ll be keeping the Phaith like I have all year and all I know is that after this miserable season it will be fun to have something to cheer about in September.

Written by: Ben Bernstein (@BenB33) 

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