Friday, November 16, 2012

I want LA

It is mid-November, while other people are talking about bringing another drunk/druggie into Philadelphia…I want to talk about who I want out of Philadelphia. I haven’t wanted someone out of here since the days of David Bell and Bobby “Gold Glove” Abreu. Tom McCarthy and his hat head need to be relegated back to New York/New Jersey. This guy is a turncoat personified. He grew up a Met fan, resides in Met country, and boo-hoo’d his way out of Philly to cover his hometown team. He doesn’t love the Phillies the way we, as fans do. he gets more excited about the promos and on air commercials he does than the games. Check out the DPF spin off Twitter site lampooning TMac. If he, like Wheels, has nude pics of David Montgomery, then move him to radio. He has a face PERFECT for radio.

I want LA on TV. I want Franzke on TV. Their witty back and forths are reminiscent of Harry and Whitey. Here is a great example:
*Career minor leaguer Vince Chulk enters the game in 7th to pitch*
Scott: Chulk was a bartender in the offseason while playing with AAA Syracuse.
LA: Is that right?
Scott: Does he look familiar LA?
LA: I’d have to see how he pours a beer.

Franzke’s rant after Hairston homered off the Phils is LEGENDARY!! "Will somebody figure out how to f***ing get Scott Hairston out? He stinks! Jesus Christ!"  , snarled Franzke thinking he was off air for commercial. That earned Scott a well deserved “vacation”. They care, or seem to care like we do. TMac is a fat asshole from North Jersey. He makes me not hate Sarge that much. He makes me think Wheels is listenable.

Ruben and Dave’s To-Do List
- Get LA and Franzke on TV
- Don’t sign druggie/drunk Hamilton
- Load up the Bullpen with arms- Madson/Myers/Soriano/Some left specialist so that piece of shit Bastardo can jump back over border
- Get some type of right handed bat



  1. Here's the funny part I don't have TV so all last season I listened to LA and Franzke...I wouldn't get a TV and watch the game if they paid me... They were often a bright spot in the dismal season it was. And don't get me started on Chuckletits..he is worthless!

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