Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Josh Hamilton is a Piece of Shit

Spike a vein Josh!

Be informed fans. Josh Hamilton is a piece of shit. The worst kind of trash. He has a gift and he does not give a shit. The bulk of Phillies fans are hypocritical assholes, just like Hamilton (see declining ticket sales). The bandwagon fans will piss and moan to get him, and when he is here, they will piss and moan that he sucks and has a bad attitude. I do not think you see or know the Josh Hamilton that I think I know; someone who consistently gives up and does not care.

People talk about his awesome numbers, and that he's a great story, but all of you, who were not Rangers fans and didn’t have to deal with his never ending excuses and off the field issues. Last off season, he told the media that he didn't owe the Rangers anything; odd, because the Rangers were the ONLY team, four seasons ago, who would consider giving a contract to him; given his past drug and alcohol use.

His monster numbers this past year are very inflated, because almost half of his home runs and RBI's came in the first month and a half of the season, while the rest were scattered in two and three game bursts between month long absences:
June                       .223 BA                 4 HR
July                        .177 BA                 4 HR
September             .259 BA                 7 HR

While on slumps, he would give excuses like he drank too much coffee and energy drinks, that he was slumping because God was mad that he dipped, he couldn't see in day games, and because his sinuses were acting up.

He gave up on the Rangers after the All-Star break, and anyone who watched a Rangers game saw him go 0-4 or 1-4 with two or three strikeouts almost nightly. The last month of the season, he removed himself from a game after 3 1/2 innings, because he made a mistake, something a player should never do, without speaking to the manager. This man is a prima donna, who plays when he wants to, and gives a 50% effort on the field.

This man is a hypocritical baseball player who talks down to people who question him, and who holds no respect for his teammates, managers, or the game of baseball.  Michael Young has stated that Hamilton played in about 30 games more than he wanted to because Young was on his back. Sign this jerk-off if you wish, but be prepared for off the field drama, excuses upon excuses, a soap box attitude, and lack luster mid and late season performances for 3-5 years.


  1. I know this is an older post but I agree 100%,

  2. Wow, dude. You called this completely 100%. Maybe Arte Moreno should hire you to be his signing-whisperer.