Tuesday, August 25, 2020

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Looking Forward to 2021...Already


    This peculiar season has all but escaped the Phillies. Better luck next year has to be the mantra and I have devised the Phillies a plan they should take in 2021. You have to start at the top. This means Klentak and MacPhail simply have to go. They both said the bullpen that broke 1st and 2nd Spring Training would be good enough. We knew it wasn't and have been proven correct. No outcome of the 2020 season should save either man's job. Now that we have expunged the dead weight at the top, here is was should happen for each everyday position.


If you sign JT, it CANNOT exceed 4 years. Overpay the man for those 4 years. My belief is he will test free agency and will sign elsewhere. Dodger or Yankee blue is in his future. 

First Base

Phillies need to move Bohm to 1B. The team will not be a contender with Hoskins and they need not delay that. 

Second Base

They need a reliable defensive player here. Kingery is not the answer and, like Hoskins they need to move on. I also think you HAVE to give Goose a shot here.


They need to re-sign Didi, if he is willing to stay here. He is an unrestricted free agent and could very well look for greener pastures. I hope he stays and signs for 2-3 years and then perhaps Bryson Stott will be groomed and prepared to take over.

Third Base

Jean Segura is signed here for another two years with a full no-trade clause. He is incredibly more well suited for 3B over Bohm. The Phillies need to draft/groom/trade for an up and coming 3B to take over in 2023.

Left Field

I love Cutch and he signed through 2021, but this position needs a MAJOR upgrade. The Phils are likely stuck with him in 2021 and should buy out his contract for 2022 and look to have a POWER hitting guy in his place.

Center Field

Adam Haseley has shown enough to me that he can be a solid defensive player and very well could be a good lead-off hitter (minus base-stealing prowess).

Right Field

Harper is the guy the Phillies build around. He is here for the next 12 years.

Starting Pitching

Nola, Wheeler, Eflin and go get 2 pitchers in Free Agency or via a Hoskins/Kingery trade. I would love to see a LHP(s) brought into the mix. I realize I did not add Howard, he simply isn't ready and needs a time at AAA.


Not a single current bullpen guy is under contract for 2021. Gut the whole fucking thing. This is where the Phillies need to spend most of their money this offseason.


If NL goes with the DH, you bring Bruce back. He could also fill in at 1B for Bohm at times against LHP. Quinn in under team control for another year, so he will be back. He is always hurt and is expendable. Maybe Seattle will want him for Marco Gonzalez. Knapp has played well enough, that he is a serviceable backup that will be cheap. Throw a bunch of other guys in the mix and see who sticks out of spring training, however, there has to be a RH power hitter brought on for DH.

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